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Flutter Heroes 2024 will be held at the superb Museo dell’Automobile.

Turin is the home of Fiat and the Turin car museum is a shiny testament to the city’s strong connection to the automotive industry.


The Venue

Located in the heart of Turin, the congress centre is extremely modern and well-equipped as well as being light, bright and spacious. 


Corso Unità d’Italia 40, Turin

History of Museum

The National Automobile Museum – MAUTO – was founded in 1933, and opened to the public in the autumn of 1960. It was completely renovated and enlarged to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the unification of Italy and, after being closed for four years, the museum reopened again in 2011.

Two years later the Times ranked MAUTO among the 50 most beautiful museums in the world. MAUTO showcases the evolution of the automobile told through 200 cars. There is a permanent exhibition that houses an impressive collection: about 150 cars are on display, plus cars that are on temporary loan.

The museum covers the following themes: the history of cars, the transformation from transport to a desired object, and the evolution of creative thinking and design.

How to reach THE Museum

By metro

Take the Metro, line M1 to the stop, Lingotto.
If you arrive by train to Turin at either Torino Porta Nuova or Torino Porta Susa Station, the Metro, line M1, stops at both of these stations.


Lines 18, 34, 74, 17 and 42 all stop at the Museo dell’Automobile.


From the motorways take the exit “Corso Unità d’Italia” and follow the signs “Museo Nazionale dell’Automobile”.

If you’re arriving by car, we strongly recommend using the car park at Pala Vela and walking 10 minutes to MAUTO.